Dianne Wolfer

Dianne has always been a bookworm. She reads and writes across genres and is author of 17 books. Dianne has a teaching background and loves sharing her story-writing passion via workshops and presentations using practical examples. Her award-winning historical titles Lighthouse Girl and Light Horse Boy have inspired stage adaptations and street theatre The Giants, 2015. A lifelong fascination for animal stories led Dianne to PhD research in Anthropomorphism in Australian Children’s Literature, resulting in CBCA Notable The Shark Caller (a quest novel linked to the ancient practice of calling sharks) and her forthcoming title The Dog with Seven Names. Dianne proudly supports Room to Read.





The Shark Caller               2017 CBCA Notable, shortlisted for WAYRBA.

Lighthouse Girl                  2017 Black Swan Theatre adaptation The Lighthouse Girl,

                                            inspired the ‘Little Girl Giant’ in Royal de Luxe 2015 street theatre

The Giants,                  winner WA Young Readers’ Book Award 2010, CBCA Notable Book, Shortlisted WA Premier’s Awards and NSW Premier’s History Awards 2009.

Light Horse Boy                 2014   winner WA Premier’s Award, CBCA Honour Book, shortlisted NSW Premier’s History Awards


Granny Grommet and Me    2014 CBCA shortlisted