Jan Latta

In 1994 author and wild-life photographer Jan Latta came face-to-face with a mountain gorilla in Rwanda and the experience changed her life. When her guide said there were fewer than 600 mountain gorillas left in the wild, she decided to publish books for children on endangered animals. But first she became a wildlife photographer so she could tell the animal's stories in pictures as well as words.

She went back to Africa to learn wildlife photography. She followed elephants, dangerous rhinos, prides of lions, gentle giraffes, and had a wonderful experience with two cheetahs. Then to the Wolong mountains in China for pandas, jungles of Borneo with orangutans, Sri Lanka for the elusive leopard and Uganda for Dr Jane Goodalls’ chimps. She has had some amazing adventures, and near-death experiences, following her dream to help the survival of endangered animals. Each True-to-Life book has stunning photos of animals in their natural habitat.

They are full of facts, maps, links to interesting websites and fun activities. The Diary of a Wildlife Photographer book is a journal of 20 years in the wild creating the True to Life Books – and many exciting adventures along the way.