Serena Geddes

Serena Geddes has always enjoyed drawing, and spent six years working for Walt Disney Animation in Sydney on sequels to The Lion King, Peter Pan Return to Neverland, Lady and the Tramp and Jungle Book. In 2009 she became interested in illustrating picture books, and signed a contract with a small publishing house in Sydney. Over four years she has illustrated seventeen books ranging from board books to picture books and junior novel series. These include books such as the popular Lulu Bell series, Hijabi Girl, the Totally Twins series and Run Pip Run. Serena works traditionally and although she is starting to experiment with digital, she prefers to create with pencil, ink and watercolours.

Her years at Disney allow her to illustrate fairly quickly using movement and expression, which are reoccurring elements in her work. She enjoys playing with humour and awkward embarrassing moments with her characters as well as adding extra details into some of the illustrations to tell a story within a story.