Claire Garth

Claire Garth is a former primary school teacher and public relations manager.

She now works as the General Manager at the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home where she met her "soul-mutt". A neglected, lanky-legged border collie named Grover McBane.

Claire adopted the real Grover in 2013 and she and Grover now work to raise awareness about animal rescue.

Grover’s rescue story always garnered such a strong reaction that Claire soon realised that it was one that deserved to be told to a broader audience.

The Grover McBane - Rescue Dog series was born from a desire to share Grover’s real life experience. His adventures, his triumphs, and his struggles.

Children and adults alike find themes in Grover's life that strike a chord in their own, like resilience, making new friends, and learning to start over.

Together, Claire & Grover travel around Australia to raise awareness of animal rescue, and to teach children (and adults!) about the beauty that lies in a second chance.