Christina Booth

Christina Booth considered being an Olympic athlete, a hairdresser or an archaeologist when she grew up, but she didn’t. She wasn’t as good at them as she was at drawing and writing stories, so she became an author/illustrator.

Christina is an award-winning author/ illustrator of over twenty books and loves that she makes up stories and colours for a living. She was awarded a CBCA Honour Book Award for her book, Kip, numerous notable Book Awards and the Environment Award for Children’s Literature for her story, Welcome Home.

An experienced teacher of many years, Christina is known for her interactive, engaging talks, workshops, panel sessions and conference presentations. She is experienced with all age groups (K -12 & adults) and students with special needs. She loves sharing her passion for books and art and empowering others to pursue their gifts and dreams.

Christina is a supporter of the Books Homes program.