Liz Anelli

When Liz was little she was always asking “Why?” … she never stopped. Her picture books Howzat!, Desert Lake and One Photo explore in colourful detail the world around her characters, using a range of media – painting, printmaking, collage and digital. She has also illustrated junior fiction novel View from the 32nd Floor

Visual narratives are her big thing and she loves making illustrations about what goes where and how it works. You might have seen some of her huge outdoor map murals. Coming from England (which isn’t quite as warm and sunny) she spends hours peddling around on her bicycle nosily finding out more things to draw into them. 

Liz is a proud supporter of Room to Read and Books in Homes and regularly reviews picture books for Reading Time. She has many years’ practice holding cross curricula art-based workshops in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education. 

Liz encourages students to act out and experiment with different ways of making images to help their stories come to life. Her ambition is to banish the phrase “I can’t draw” from the lips of children and teachers alike.